pre-production of Zbig's and Dorota's action-thriller feature film Thee Designer

DIGI DADA  a part of Micro Concert, HD 25:30, co-director Dorota Zglobicka,
prod. Zbig Vision USA and Philharmonic Orchestra in Hamburg, Germany 

Zbig and his wife Dorota Zglobicka completed the script of their upcoming feature film  Thee Designer
Beginning in 2022 principal photography will commence shooting at Gila Monster Studios and on location in Arizona and Mexico.

The Art Of Fashion, co-director Dorota Zglobicka, HD 3:30, Zbig Vision, USA 

Zbig along with writing partners Eli Barbur, Kaja Bryx, Jacek Tabisz, Sherill Howard Pociecha,
completed a feature film screenplay for A Short History of U-People. The plot of the film
is based largely on episodes from the history of Christian/Jewish relations, taking a satiric look at mankind's
recalcitrant inability to abide by universal moral laws like "respect others", "don't lie", "don't steal" and "don't kill".

THE VISION - co-director Dorota Zglobicka - HDTV short film, 8:25, Zbig Vision

KAFKA - HDTV long film, 52:16, Telemax, Les Editions Audiovisuelles
CURTAINS - opening sequence for Tonight Show, 0:34, HDTV, NBC TV

MANHATTAN - experimental HDTV film, 28 min, Zbig Vision and NHK Enterprises USA, Inc.
WASHINGTON - experimental HDTV film, 28 min, Zbig Vision and NHK Enterprises USA, Inc.
VH-1 JINGLES - promo, 0:46, HDTV for VH-1

THE ORCHESTRA - HDTV long film, 57:11, Zbig Vision and Ex Nihilo,
coproduced by NHK, Canal+ and PBS Great Performances.

CAPRICCIO NO.24 - experimental HDTV film, 6:18, TVE's The Art of Video
YOU BETTER DANCE - HDTV music video for THE JETS, 3:34, MCA Records
COWBELL - HDTV music video for TAKESHI ITOH, 4 min, CBS Records
GMF Groupe - promo, 2:03, HDTV, Zbig Vision and Ex Nihilo

FLUFF - opening sequence video, 1:47, HDTV, RAI-TV
THE DUEL - a tribute to G.Melies, 4:08, HDTV, Telegraph,
BLUE LIKE YOU - HDTV music video for ETIENNE DAHO, 3:41, Virgin Records
THE FOURTH DIMENSION - experimental 35mm film/video, 27 min, Zbig Vision, RAI III, Canal+ and KTCA-TV(PBS)

LET'S WORK - HDTV music video for MICK JAGGER, 4:05, CBS Records
WHY SHOULD I CRY? - HDTV music video for NONA HENDRYX, 4 min, EMI Records, Rebo Production
KEEP YOUR EYE ON ME - HDTV music video for HERB ALPERT, 5:15, A&M RECORDS, Rebo Production
STEPS - experimental video/35mm film, 26 min, Zbig Vision, KCTA-TV(PBS), Channel Four
I AM BEGGING YOU - music video for SUPERTRAMP, 4 min, A&M Records
TIME STANDS STILL - music video for RUSH, 3:30, Polygram Records
SOMETHING REAL - music video for MISTER MISTER, 4:10, BMG Music
DRAGNET 1987 - music video for ART OF NOISE, 3 min, Chrysalis Records

IMAGINE - experimental HDTV film, 4:20, music by JOHN LENNON, Rebo/Rybczynski Production
CANDY - HDTV music video for CAMEO, 4:20, Polygram Records, Rebo Production
THE ORIGINAL WRAPPER - music video for LOU REED, 4:40, RCA Records
I CANT THINK ABOUT DANCING - music video for MISSING PERSONS, 4 min, Capitol Records
SEX MACHINE - music video for FAT BOYS, 4 min, Tin Pan Apple/Sutra Records
ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID - music video for SIMPLE MINDS, 4:15, Virgin Records
HELL IN PARADISE - music video for YOKO ONO, 3:30, OnoVideo/Polygram Records
STEREOTOMY - music video for ALAN PARSON'S PROJECT, 4:10, Arista Records
OPPORTUNITIES - music video for PET SHOP BOYS, 3:40, EMI Records

LOSE YOUR LOVE - music video for BLANCMANGE, 3:54, Warner Bros.
ALIVE AND KICKING - music video for SIMPLE MINDS, 5:25, A&M Records
ULTIMA BALLO - music video for ANGEL AND MAIMONE, 4:50, Virgin Records
MIDNIGHT MOVER - music video for ACCEPT, 3:10, Epic Records
MINUS ZERO - music video for LADY PANK, 3:55, MCA Records
SHE WENT POP - music video for I AM SIAM, 4:10, Columbia Records
HOT SHOT - music video for JIMMY CLIFF, 3:55, CBS Records
P-MACHINERY - music video for PROPAGANDA, 3:45, Island Records
WHO DO YOU LOVE - music video for BERNARD WRIGHT, 4:15, Capitol Records

SIGN OF THE TIMES - music video for GRANDMASTER FLASH, 4:25, Elektra/Asylum Records
THE REAL END - music video for RICKIE LEE JONES, 4:47, Warner Bros.
ALL THAT I WANTED - music video for BELFEGORE, 4:15, Elektra Records
DIANA D - music video for CHUCK MANGIONE, 4 min, CBS Records
CLOSE TO THE EDIT - music video for ART OF NOISE, 4:30, Island Records
THE DISCREET CHARM OF THE DIPLOMACY - experimental short video, 2:56, The NEW SHOW NBC TV
THE DAY BEFORE - experimental short video, 1:38, The NEW SHOW NBC TV

ANGST (FEAR) - 35mm feature film, horror, 91 min, cinematography, editing Zbig Rybczynski, screenplay Zbig Rybczynski and Gerald Kargl, directed and produced by Gerald Kargl, Austria

WDECH-WYDECH(Inhale-Exhale) - 35mm paradocumental film, 30 min, in collaboration with B.Dziworski, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, for TVP, Poland

TANGO - 35mm short film, 8:14, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland
MEDIA - 35mm short film, 1:36, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland
SCENY NARCIARSKIE Z FRANZEM KLAMMEREM (Ski Scenes with Franz Klammer) - 35mm documental film, in collaboration with B.Dziworski, WFO Lodz, Poland and Signal Film, Vienna

MEIN FENSTER(My Window) - 35mm short film, 2:26, Vienna

TANCZACY JASTRZAB (THE DANCING HAWK) - 35 mm, drama, feature film, 98 min, cinematography by Zbig Rybczynski, directed by Grzegorz Krolikiewicz, Produced by Zespol Filmowy PROFIL, Lodz, Poland

OJ! NIE MOGE SIE ZATRZYMACI! (Oh, I Can't Stop!) - 35mm short film, 10:07, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland
WEG ZUM NACHBARN (Way To Your Neighbor) - 35mm short film, 2:30, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland

NOWA KSIAZKA (New Book) - 35mm short film, 10:26, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland
LOKOMOTYWA (Locomotive) - 35mm short film, 9:38, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland
SWIETO (Holiday) - 35mm short film, 9:38, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland

ZUPA (Soup) - 35mm short film, 8:22, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland

PLAMUZ (Music Art) - 35mm short film, 9:38, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland

KWADRAT (Square) - 35mm short film, 4:40, PWSTiF Lodz, Poland
TAKE FIVE - 35mm short film, 3:36, PWSTiF Lodz, Poland