Zbig along with writing partners Eli Barbur, Kaja Bryx, Jacek Tabisz, Sherill Howard Pociecha,
completed a feature film length screenplay for "A SHORT HISTORY OF U-PEOPLE". The plot of the film
is based largely on episodes from the history of Christian/Jewish relations, taking a satiric look at mankind's
recalcitrant inability to abide by universal moral laws like "respect others", "don't lie", "don't steal" and "don't kill".

THE VISION - co-director Dorota Zglobicka - HDTV short film, 8:25, Zbig Vision

KAFKA - HDTV long film, 52:16, Telemax, Les Editions Audiovisuelles
CURTAINS - opening sequence for Tonight Show, 0:34, HDTV, NBC TV

MANHATTAN - experimental HDTV film, 28 min, Zbig Vision and NHK Enterprises USA, Inc.
WASHINGTON - experimental HDTV film, 28 min, Zbig Vision and NHK Enterprises USA, Inc.
VH-1 JINGLES - promo, 0:46, HDTV for VH-1

THE ORCHESTRA - HDTV long film, 57:11, Zbig Vision and Ex Nihilo,
coproduced by NHK, Canal+ and PBS Great Performances.

CAPRICCIO NO.24 - experimental HDTV film, 6:18, TVE's The Art of Video
YOU BETTER DANCE - HDTV music video for THE JETS, 3:34, MCA Records
COWBELL - HDTV music video for TAKESHI ITOH, 4 min, CBS Records
GMF Groupe - promo, 2:03, HDTV, Zbig Vision and Ex Nihilo

FLUFF - opening sequence video, 1:47, HDTV, RAI-TV
THE DUEL - a tribute to G.Melies, 4:08, HDTV, Telegraph,
BLUE LIKE YOU - HDTV music video for ETIENNE DAHO, 3:41, Virgin Records
THE FOURTH DIMENSION - experimental 35mm film/video, 27 min, Zbig Vision, RAI III, Canal+ and KTCA-TV(PBS)

LET'S WORK - HDTV music video for MICK JAGGER, 4:05, CBS Records
WHY SHOULD I CRY? - HDTV music video for NONA HENDRYX, 4 min, EMI Records, Rebo Production
KEEP YOUR EYE ON ME - HDTV music video for HERB ALPERT, 5:15, A&M RECORDS, Rebo Production
STEPS - experimental video/35mm film, 26 min, Zbig Vision, KCTA-TV(PBS), Channel Four
I AM BEGGING YOU - music video for SUPERTRAMP, 4 min, A&M Records
TIME STANDS STILL - music video for RUSH, 3:30, Polygram Records
SOMETHING REAL - music video for MISTER MISTER, 4:10, BMG Music
DRAGNET 1987 - music video for ART OF NOISE, 3 min, Chrysalis Records

IMAGINE - experimental HDTV film, 4:20, music by JOHN LENNON, Rebo/Rybczynski Production
CANDY - HDTV music video for CAMEO, 4:20, Polygram Records, Rebo Production
THE ORIGINAL WRAPPER - music video for LOU REED, 4:40, RCA Records
I CANT THINK ABOUT DANCING - music video for MISSING PERSONS, 4 min, Capitol Records
SEX MACHINE - music video for FAT BOYS, 4 min, Tin Pan Apple/Sutra Records
ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID - music video for SIMPLE MINDS, 4:15, Virgin Records
HELL IN PARADISE - music video for YOKO ONO, 3:30, OnoVideo/Polygram Records
STEREOTOMY - music video for ALAN PARSON'S PROJECT, 4:10, Arista Records
OPPORTUNITIES - music video for PET SHOP BOYS, 3:40, EMI Records

LOSE YOUR LOVE - music video for BLANCMANGE, 3:54, Warner Bros.
ALIVE AND KICKING - music video for SIMPLE MINDS, 5:25, A&M Records
ULTIMA BALLO - music video for ANGEL AND MAIMONE, 4:50, Virgin Records
MIDNIGHT MOVER - music video for ACCEPT, 3:10, Epic Records
MINUS ZERO - music video for LADY PANK, 3:55, MCA Records
SHE WENT POP - music video for I AM SIAM, 4:10, Columbia Records
HOT SHOT - music video for JIMMY CLIFF, 3:55, CBS Records
P-MACHINERY - music video for PROPAGANDA, 3:45, Island Records
WHO DO YOU LOVE - music video for BERNARD WRIGHT, 4:15, Capitol Records

SIGN OF THE TIMES - music video for GRANDMASTER FLASH, 4:25, Elektra/Asylum Records
THE REAL END - music video for RICKIE LEE JONES, 4:47, Warner Bros.
ALL THAT I WANTED - music video for BELFEGORE, 4:15, Elektra Records
DIANA D - music video for CHUCK MANGIONE, 4 min, CBS Records
CLOSE TO THE EDIT - music video for ART OF NOISE, 4:30, Island Records
THE DISCREET CHARM OF THE DIPLOMACY - experimental short video, 2:56, The NEW SHOW NBC TV
THE DAY BEFORE - experimental short video, 1:38, The NEW SHOW NBC TV

WDECH-WYDECH(Inhale-Exhale) - 35mm paradocumental film, 30 min, in collaboration with B.Dziworski, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, for TVP, Poland

TANGO - 35mm short film, 8:14, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland
MEDIA - 35mm short film, 1:36, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland
SCENY NARCIARSKIE Z FRANZEM KLAMMEREM (Ski Scenes with Franz Klammer) - 35mm documental film, in collaboration with B.Dziworski, WFO Lodz, Poland and Signal Film, Vienna

MEIN FENSTER(My Window) - 35mm short film, 2:26, Vienna

OJ! NIE MOGE SIE ZATRZYMACI! (Oh, I Can't Stop!) - 35mm short film, 10:07, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland
WEG ZUM NACHBARN (Way To Your Neighbor) - 35mm short film, 2:30, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland

NOWA KSIAZKA (New Book) - 35mm short film, 10:26, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland
LOKOMOTYWA (Locomotive) - 35mm short film, 9:38, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland
SWIETO (Holiday) - 35mm short film, 9:38, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland

ZUPA (Soup) - 35mm short film, 8:22, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland

PLAMUZ (Music Art) - 35mm short film, 9:38, SMFF Se-Ma-For Lodz, Poland

KWADRAT (Square) - 35mm short film, 4:40, PWSTiF Lodz, Poland
TAKE FIVE - 35mm short film, 3:36, PWSTiF Lodz, Poland